Waterford utilizes the following disciplined investment strategy to acquire and develop all its projects.

+ Identification

Waterford leverages its deep relationships throughout the real estate community to source new acquisition and development opportunities, both on and off-market.

+ Evaluation

Waterford utilizes its strong market knowledge and expertise to evaluate whether opportunities will generate high risk-adjusted returns, both near term and longer term.

+ Business Plan

Waterford creates a unique business plan for each asset that seeks to maximize value while increasing the property's competitive advantages.

+ Capitalization

Waterford then forms joint ventures with institutional and private investment partners to acquire the projects paying special attention to ensure the projects meet the investor's short term and long term real estate investment goals.

+ Asset Management

Waterford then works diligently to drive the business plan forward after acquisition, with an aggressive & hands on asset management approach to each project through its team and strategic partners.

+ Stabilization

Waterford evaluates with its investment partners the optimal timing and structure to either sell an asset or hold for the long term, based on projected returns and the goals of our partners.